Thursday, 15 June 2017

Listen to Yourself!!!

When tides are high... But you don't want to sigh...
When wind becomes stormy... But you want to fly...
Listen to yourself... Don't be shy!!!

If life plays so tough that you can't even cry...
If you are full of doubts and you don't know why...
Listen to yourself... Just give it a try!!!

It may be a rosy walk or a thorny way...
You will never know by sitting at the bay...
Listen to yourself... Each and Everyday!!!

Think and be careful... What and how you weigh...
Nothing is just Black or White... But some shade of grey...
So... Listen to yourself... Don't just be a prey!!!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

And Yet Again...!

'You are a strong head person. You can not break down like this.',
she tried iterating in mind till she could feel it as a bliss.
But somewhere down in heart, she knew it already...
her mind and heart were not anywhere being steady.

Life had played many games - fair or unfair;
Till it felt like a regular affair...
Too familiar and yet so stranger;
That is when it becomes the danger.

Changes have been a part and parcel,
And there is no option to call it Cancel!
But accepting the truth has been a deploy,
when every time it means a new Good Bye...!

Perceptions vary with new people coming in,
Expectations lets you not give in,
Hope and faith makes you still try,
But what if something inside already decided to die!

Endless thoughts running around the head,
She knew enough has been done and said.
Nothing could help to better her quest...
And Yet Again...
Being herself was the only choice left...!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

That Random Self-Talk

Down the memory lane, when I stare back
Wandering if I have lost the track
Of things I always have cherished for!
So many thoughts get lost every night...
Questions go in vain, doubts lead to fight...
Leaving me even more quiet...
I wonder if it makes any sense.
But all I am left with now are
'What if' and 'I wish'!
I knew all along that life would be tough and not always fair...
That fighting my own demons would become a filthy affair...
And I can do nothing but just let it be!
Then what has become so different!
Why all I can think of is to lament
Over the hollowness that seems to triumph!
Am I not the one that I have been?
Who never let the shouts get through her...
Who always fights back and does no matter what it takes!
I know the essence of my being is still there, telling me to open the cuff...
Gather the fake burdens I am carrying and just sigh them off...
May be all I need to do is nothing but be myself!!!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

That Moment... which was more than life.

"Oh Lord! I love this person this very moment.. more than anything.. It might seem like exaggeration but I am willing to give up everything I have ever earned for this moment...", she screamed in her mind right when he their eyes met and both uttered those three magical words in sync. That sleek smile she could not hide and ended with a soft kiss on his forehead.

It was just another day like almost every day. Same place. Same person from last one year or so. Starting from being strangers to knowing each other more than own-self, it was not all rosy. But as they say when something is meant to be, it will. No matter what. From meeting casually to spending almost each moment together, there has been fears, insecurities, love, understanding, care, trust, fights over past, frightened for the future or the lack of it!

Surely, it was not the first time that they were lying down on bed..relaxing.. talking.. There has been many such talks which started before sunset and ended after sunrise. There has been many such moments worth mentioning. Moments.. of truth..of secrets.. of trust.. of togetherness.. of sharing fears.. of just being there.. of love.. and many more...

But this was all total a different moment. She felt something she had never experienced before. She never knew how to react to this feeling. This was something she always avoided. Something that seemed a bollywood cliche and nothing more.

And then.. here it was. All of a sudden.

It was not like those butterflies in your stomach on seeing your crush.. or skipping a heartbeat when you see your love.. It made her feel accomplished. It made here feel secured.. That sense of being complete...may be for a moment. But hey!! Who cares!!!! People live all their life and die without getting it.

That one moment.. changed her inside out... set her free... She was a new person now. It made her feel that freedom she always desired for. She could not thank enough for that.

She understood that after that very moment everything will again be the same may be. May be she will never experience it again.. May be that person won't even realize that he meant the world to her..But then..isn't it worth it!

She kept her pen down with that with a smile on face when his presence in her heart overtook her mind.... :)

I wish you would get me right..this time!

I have seen you laugh and cry
I have seen you give in and try
You might have tried real hard to hide
But trust me.. That's not a pride...

Tell me or not ..some day.. any day..
You may keep it all at bay
But would you be able to live with it
When you will see your girl follow your way!

You say I must trust you and share secrets
For noone but you can keep it discrete
But everytime I come to you with hope
You ignore the opprtunities and highlight the threats!

I do understand that you love me a lot
But what good it is if it makes me rot
I have always adored and always I will..
For all that you have been and all that you did.

There have been moments I was so broke
And I always wondered should I settle in those strokes
But today I promise you just one thing
That I won't let anyone tame my wings..

I will make sure that I will be me..
And not be blindly following unresistant sea
I won't bend myself to fit in the box..
Rather I will jump out and set myself free...! 

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Hiding herself beneath the table...
In a corner of the empty room...
She cried.. and cried.. and cried...
Till she could not catch her breath anymore...

Afraid of the light... And the dark...
Running from the known...And the strangers...
What she was left with...
Was the restless mind with a thousand questions...

Questions that never got answered...
Wails that never got consoled...
All she achieved was...
That hollowness in heart to keep haunting her...

Between catching up with the ever galloping world...
And still keep surviving the white collar sweet lies...
What she forgot was...
To live for..and to love.. herself...

Within those turmoils of ever broken promises...
And being able to forgive everyone but herself...
Though torn apart inside every moment with the truth...
Still she kept chasing... The Mirage..

The Mirage... called life...
The Mirage... called love...
The Mirage... was you...

For all she could not do...
Was stop loving you...

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Unspoken.. Unheard.. Yet Felt....

"Is it my mistake that I love myself more than I love others..
Or that I decided to move on rather than fitting into the so called definitions by society..
Or that I fell for someone totally unexpected at such an unexpected moment!!!
Is it my fault that the past is messed up..
How am I responsible for what someone does with their past!!
Whether they decide to stick to the past or to move on..
It is solely their decision and NOT MINE!!!
And if you can't accept it.. that's YOUR problem..not mine..
Just because it din't turn out the way you imagined..
You cant blame me for that.. Unless you are weak enough not to respect yourself and move on...
I AM NO MISTAKE of anyone.. Listen it loud and clear..
And you or anyone is no one to label me..
Now.. Go and get your shit together..
Move on before you are done and dusted literally...."
, she said in her mind staring at nowhere..
Because she knew no one will understand but the diary..
No one will be bothered or care but the emptiness...
No one will ask how she feels because she is the so called strong minded brave heart girl...
No one will listen because truth makes people uncomfortable...
All she has is her faith.. that someday someone will look into her eyes..
And just let the silence do the talking......

Clueless yet loved...

What if I was not me and you were not you...
Could we still be we and do the things we do!!!

I know it seems so weird at this moment to say...
But what if we could go right back to the way...
The way it was before we met.. before these feelings were set..

Would you still have been the same!!!
I wonder if you would even call my name...

When the world is asleep.. The silence is loud...
So many thoughts cover my mind like cloud...

I can't sleep.. I can't stay awake..
I am still clueless which path to take...
Sometimes I wonder is it a mistake...
All that I feel is for real or fake.. 

No more I can distinguish between..
The crossing line has become so thin...
It's creating such an illusion..
Leaves me undecided which side I am on...

I still can't say why I am here...
All I can understand.. All I can hear...
Is my inner little voice that says you are dear...
And not worth losing for such vague fear...

So here I am.. With all my heart..
Till the time will tear as apart... :)

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Sometimes in life...

Sometimes in life.. everything seems so meaningless.. all that you do.. all that you see.. all that you feel.. seems worthless..
When running and catching the things you once were fascinated about.. seems to be a stupid obsession...
All your loved ones.. though sitting near you.. seem to be too distant..
When the people you loved to hang out with.. seem like mere crowd..
When you feel lost in the volume of everything in the world..

All you wish is .. to run.... and run away....
somewhere too far.. where the noise ..the feelings.. the words.. can't reach you... 
Where there is nothing.. Not even void.. 

All you can see.. All you can feel.. All you can hear.. Is emptiness in mind.. Hollow in heart.. Silence everywhere..

And all you are left with.. Is your wish.. In that despair... 

Wish.. To live the dream you aspire..

Wish.. That there would be someone who would understand you.. Or at least make an effort to do so..

Wish.. To be loved the way you deserve...

Wish.. To have someone who accepts you with all your flaws..and still feels proud to have you..

Wish.. To be someone's present and future.. Which would heal the past of each other..

Wish.. That one day.. That person would let both of you be converted to 'we'... 

Wish... That this wish would reach that heart... And that heart would reciprocate... 


Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Sitting near the window... with a cup of coffee, a notepad and a pen... She could not decide where to start.... 
She had no clue what to answer.. When the person she has fallen for from the very first sight of him.asks.. "WHY ME!!!"
How to explain when the person she feels complete with asks her how her ideal soulmate would be...

How do she say that.. Feelings have their own language which can never be explained by any combination of twenty six alphabets...
Thousands of thoughts... hopes... confusions....

When he looks into her eyes..every pain in her life diminishes...
When he holds her feels like the voids in her life are filled...
When he is just around her..she feels so confident...
When he hugs her tight..everything in this world seems so right...

No matter what she does.. All she can think about is him..
Whenever he smiles.. her life seems so bright...
When it is about him... She can dare even her life without a second thought...

Not because he is perfect or imperfect..
Not because he is so good or bad..
But because He accepts her with all her flaws... 
With all the craziness and however weird she gets at times..

He let her be herself.. and not a sugarcoated self...
And that is what she ever wished for in her ideal mate...

She keeps the pen down.. Takes a sip of coffee..

Wishing secretly..

Only if the pen was her and the paper was him...
So she could express the storms and turmoils within her and make him understand how it feels indeed... :)

Only if I explain..WHY.......

You are with me but I can't call you mine..
You are the answer to my wishes but I can't declare it to be fulfilled..
You are the sweetness I ever searched for but I can't have it all..
You are the one I ever fell for but I can't expect to be held..
I know you might never feel the same way.. 
I know you may never accept me..
But I love you... And I don't know why..
Some may say it is..
For what you are.. And for what I am when I am with you.. 
For letting me be the real me.. For being honest..
For bearing my craziness and weird stuffs I say or do..

But the truth is... I love you for you are the one to be loved.. That's what I feel...

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Rain.. Rain.. Come again... :*

She comes home tired from work... It starts raining heavily out of nowhere.. She goes to kitchen.. Comes back with a cup of coffee and sees him sitting in balcony.. She walks steadily and sits on his lap.... He looks so dull and tired.. She hands over the cup kissing his forehead.. He smiles..Keeps the coffee aside..
They look into each other's eyes and a talk of thousands of words happens without uttering anything..
Some memories.. Some wishes.. They share everything within a blink of eyes..
Soft breeze with tiny rain drops are making an awesome music.. They rise.. He holds her in his arms.. Looking into eyes.. They start dancing..
"Did I tell you..You are such a sweet devil..?" , He says..
She smiles.. Saying , "Company matters dear..!"
He holds her from her waist..
They hug.. And kiss.. And laugh.. And look at each other.. Cherishing the memory of their First Date.. It was nothing like they had planned.. It started raining suddenly.. The walk in the rain and the kiss.. Marvelous moment it was..
Then they sit and share the cup of coffee.. With endless talks..
Then they sit there..her head near his heart.. she loved to listen to his heartbeats always.. It always soothed her.. And his hands caressing her hairs.. And the rain asks , "How long ???"
And they say , "Just some more moments.."
But none of them knows how long is that some more...they want to spend together..
All they can say is.. Some more moments..
Again comes a voice.. "Wake up girl..!!!!! You are late!!!"
She opens her eyes.. To realize that it was a dream.. A devilish sweet one.. Which she so wish to come true..
She smiles.. Gets up.. Get ready and continues with her work.. Saying herself ,
"This will come true..Not today.. But surely.. Some other day....:)"

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Just Another Random Self Talk.... ;)

It is 3am.. Lying down on sofa.. Earphones plugged in.. Music playing.. Trying to sleep.. But Insomniac.. Nostalgic.. Too many thoughts.. 

It has been a long time that she jot down all those untamed thoughts.. Really long time that she summed up her feelings within random combinations of those twenty six alphabets.. 

So many things ended.. Last meets.. Last enjoyments.. Last college fest.. Farewell.. Friends departed.. New friends made.. Stressed relations.. Break up.. A new life awaiting at the door.. But it frightens just like the last one.. 

Difficult to decide.. Moving on.. But strings attached.. 

A person so perfect she meets.. All that she ever dreamt.. All going good.. Euphoria.. Too much happiness.. Scary.. Fear of losing.. Even before having him.. Social stigma.. Stereotypes.. Break them.. 

Being herself.. Forgiving herself.. Accepting herself.. Loving herself.. 

Living present.. Leaving past.. Letting future open its mystery when time comes.. 

Loads of thoughts.. Buckets of emotions.. Lacking words.. 

Reconnecting to self... :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Book Review: Shattered Dreams (Ramayana: The Game of Life #2)

Date of Reading: 26/02/2015
Author: Shubha Vilas
Pages: 404
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8184955316
ISBN-13: 978-8184955316
Price: 350 INR
Published on: 04/02/2015

About The Author:
Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law with a specialization in patent law. His leadership seminars are popular with top-level management in corporate houses. He addresses their crucial needs through thought- provoking seminars on themes such as ‘Secrets of Lasting Relationships’, ‘Soul Curry to Stop Worry’ and ‘Work–Life Balance’ to name a few.
He believes that a good teacher, no matter how knowledgeable, always sees the process of learning and teaching simultaneously as an inherent aspect of personal and spiritual growth. He also helps individuals in different parts of the world apply the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and other dharmic traditions in dealing with modern- day life situations.


Shattered Dreams is the sequel to the national bestseller, Rise of the Sun Prince, in the new spiritual and motivational series Ramayana – The Game of Life. Twelve joyful years have passed in Ayodhya since the wedding of Rama and Sita at the end of Book 1.
Now, in Shattered Dreams, Shubha Vilas narrates the riveting drama of Rama’s exile. Through tales of Rama’s unwavering and enigmatic persona, the book teaches us how to handle reversals positively; through Bharata’s actions, it teaches us to handle temptation; and through Sita’s courage, to explore beyond our comfort zone. This complicated family drama provides deep insights on how human relationships work and how they fail.
With Valmiki’s Ramayana as its guiding light, Shattered Dreams deftly entwines poetic beauty from the Kamba Ramayana and Ramacharitramanas, as well as folk philosophy from the Loka Pramana tales, to demonstrate how the ancient epic holds immediate relevance to modern life. Experience the ancient saga of the Ramayana like never before.
My Rating: 3.5 / 5
My Review:
Ramayana is not a new name that I heard or a whole new story for me. Being in an era of emerging technologies, I came across many versions of this same story. I have listened my grandma reading it in the evenings. I have listened it in my school. I have read articles and excerpts of Ramayana from various sources. I have seen many tv series and cartoon movie that revolve around the story of Ramayana. So I am well informed about the story line.
What differentiates this book from all that I knew or learnt about Ramayana is that it is indeed narrated in simple words with deep meanings. Unlike the original Sanskrit version of Ramayana, one does not need to be very good with vocabulary skills and deep understanding. It seems interesting to read as it is easy to understand.
Though I had applied for a copy of the book from blogadda, I was in a dilemma whether I should read it or not. I was confused because I have not read the first book of this series and hence it might turn out difficult to understand if I directly read the second one. But to my surprise, there was no problems in understanding the plot in the book. I liked the flow of the book that can make anyone bound not to stop reading, till the last page, once started.
One more thing I liked very much is the foot notes in the book. It is very helpful to make the thoughts of the author very clear to the reader. It helped me a lot and made my journey through the book very interesting.
An interesting thing about this book is that the author did not compromise on use of good vocabulary for the sake of easy understanding. It is indeed a balanced writing that keeps reading efficient and easy.Each of the incidents are well-narrated. Every detail of the incidents are taken care of , which makes readers more informative. 
Author has observed the things very wisely and analysed the situations and scenes in a detailed manner which quests the thirst of inquisitive readers. It keeps the reader engaged and gives the reader a rich feeling of accomplishment when it comes to seek more knowledge.
This book is definitely a food for soul. It gives immense pleasure to the reader for their spiritual,philosophical,psychological and motivational needs. It gives a greater insight to each and every aspect of life. It touches the heart of the reader, leaving him to give a thought about life and its meaning.
I would recommend this book for every soul which seeks growth in life through spiritual and philosophical manner and anyone who simply likes mythology and anyone who likes to learn from age old stories and anyone who likes to get knowledge with increasing vocabulary skills and everyone who likes to read... :)

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Not My Cup Of Tea...

oh.. that's not my cup of tea..!!! my cup of tea..!!!

when you say you can't afford much for my studies..
as for my future you have to make savings..
that's not my cup of tea..

when you set limit to my qualification..
so that it would be easier to get married to a person..
that's not my cup of tea..

when I am told not to aim too high..
just to get off me soon and let you sigh..
that's not my cup of tea..

when you say boys and girls are equal..
but have different standards to compare..
that's not my cup of tea..

when you say to be original..
and also encourage to follow the trend..
that's not my cup of tea..

when you say that I must have my opinion..
and I am not allowed to put it to front..
that's not my cup of tea..

when you say I must take my stand..
and also teach to make compromise my friend..
that's not my cup of tea..

when you limit me with my choice of clothing..
and still comment on whatever I am wearing..
that's not my cup of tea..

when I am allowed to stay out all night for a class or an interview..
but it gets time bound to be with friends..
that's not my cup of tea..

MY DREAMS.. and none of your business..
But even after declaring it aloud..
When you come to me with your stigma filled cloud..

I want to tell it again and again..
Till it has conquered your brain..

oh.. that's not my cup of tea..!!! my cup of tea..!!!